Indulge in heavenly relaxation and ease to a better state of mind.
Amoaras allows you to choose from an array of traditional Asian treatments and western healing practices as it brings a holistic approach to health and wellness.

                                                               Business Hours        : Daily 11.00 am – 12.00 am

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                                                               Location                     : Building 8, Groung Floor


Foot Reflexology - 60 minutes or 90 minutes
Reflexology is said to have ancient origin from China. It uses a five finger point pressure to reflex zones on the feet to improve circulation, ease pain, relax the body and re-establish energy flow throughout the body. Its underlying theory state that specific areas on the feet and hands correspond to particular body parts, organs and glands. By stimulating these pressure points, the circulation throughout the entire body will be improved

La Stone Therapy – 60 minutes
Warm smooth river stones are used to massage the body using long, flowing strokes technique on energy points to ease the tension. The direct heat of the stones relaxes tired muscles

Pure Natural Facial – 60 minutes

An age old practice to heal, soften and moisturize the skin and promotes new cell growth. This treatment uses pure honey, yoghurt and freshly sliced cucumber, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and relaxed. Non-invasive and suitable for all skin types

Signature Treatments

Traditional Heritage Massage – 60 or 90 minutes
A combination of techniques of gentle stretching, acupressure, skin rolling, kneading and stroking using aromatherapy oils to stimulate blood flow, oxygen and qi* to bring deep relaxation and wellness
*qi = energy around your body

Japanese Shiatsu – 60 minutes or 90 minutes
A holistic treatment that combines dry massage, acupressure and stretching. The words shiatsu means finger pressure. It is described as acupuncture without needles. Shiatsu encourages blood and lymph to flow around the body, which releases toxins and stimulates the immune system. Shiatsu also acts on the nervous system to help relax and induce sleep

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