Body Massages

Spa Packages

The Frequent Flyers Package – IDR600,000 – 3 hours 15 minutes
- Massage (1 hours)
Balinese full body massage using organic oils and specialised acupressure techniques
- Reflexology (30 minutes)
Foot therapy that restores the body’s natural balance
- Body Scrub (45 minutes)
Balinese Boreh body scrub
- Facial (1 hour)
Biokos anti-aging facial including facial massage

Get Ready to Glow Package – IDR570,000 – 3 hours 15 minutes
- Pedicure or Manicure (1 hour)
Using original OPI nail products
(add IDR 30,000/15 minutes for french/flower nails)
- Massage (45 minutes)
Head, back and shoulder massage
- Body Scrub (30 minutes)
Coconut body scrub
- Facial (1 hour)

Biokos deep cleansing facial

Packages For Two

Just The Two Of Us – IDR1,200,000 – 3 hours
- Balinese full body massage for 2 people (90 minutes)
- Spirit of nature facial (1 hour)
- Reflexology (30 minutes)
- 2 therapists in a double therapy room

Mr & Mrs Package – IDR490,000 – 90 minutes
- Balinese full body massage for 2 people
- 2 therapists in a double therapy room

Traditional Balinese Full Body Massage
IDR200,000 – 60 minutes IDR275,000 – 90 minutes

This is a full body, deep tissue holistic treatment. It has developed over centuries with medical influences from China, India and South East Asia. The Balinese technique is to apply gentle stretches, elements of reflexology, long massage strokes, pressure pint stimulation and kneading of the muscles to relieve tension and improve blood circulation. You may select the oil you like; Jasmine, Green Tea or Frangipani

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
IDR100,000 – 30 minutes IDR130,000 – 45 minutes

Whether you are a professional desk surfer, over worked parent or someone constantly on the move, daily life takes a huge effect on our body, resulting in aching backs, stiff necks and tight shoulders. This massage will help you to relieve that tension , leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You may select the oil that you like for this massage.

Balinese Boreh – IDR200,000 – 45 minutes

Using traditional spices or “rempah-rempah”, known as Balinese cream, the boreh removes dead skin cells, smooths the skin;s surface and helps to boost blood circulation. The warm feeling from the spices relieves muscle tension, and gives the skin a dewy smooth glow.

Coconut Scrub – IDR200,000 – 45 minutes

The milky smooth mixture of shredded pure coconut and pounded rice cleanses, softens, hydrates dry skin, leaving the it soft and glowing.
Green Tea Scrub – IDR200,000 – 45 minutes

This scrub is revered in Asia for its anti-aging properties because it is so rich in anti-oxidants that it helps to ward off wrinkles by reducing the free radicals in the skin. The mix of green tea leaves, pounded rice and sandalwood is a powerful natural combination, helps to remove dead skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed

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