Fun Pool at Cherating

19 May, 2020

Holiday Villa Cherating will have a new addition to its property by mid-2020. The construction of a new Theme Pool is underway and is expected to be completed by May 2020. The new pool will consist of 2 swimming pools, a main pool and the children’s pool.

The main pool which consist of a viewing deck with relaxing sun loungers, has a built up of 5,000 square feet while the pool deck area has a built up of 7,000 square feet , can accommodate up to 300 guests. There will be obstacle courses such as river crossing and flying fox, which is ideal for team building activities, as well as a spa jet for cool down time. The main pool will also feature sunken bar where guests can enjoy light snacks and refreshing cocktails. Inflatable items such as pool slides andgiant bubble water balls will also be available for guests to enjoy.

The children’s pool will excite every child’s needs. A variety of more than 10 water elements will be constructed for the little ones. These water elements range from the Bucket drop, a Crystal Dome, a Water Ring, Water Slides, Water Canons, See Saws and many more features that will make your children so happy that you may have to pry them away from the pool. Come and visit us and experience this exciting new addition to our property.

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